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Artisan Gallery

Glass Arts

Anne Clark

I have been working in glass since 1986. I was initially awed by the beauty of stained glass as a living medium which changes throughout the day. I design and craft panels for the window as well as bowls and plates.

Jewelry, Glass Arts, Metal Arts

Carolyn K. Designs

I make colorful fused glass and chainmail jewelry and home decor. My work is all about color that will brighten your day and will have your friends asking, “Where did you get that? I want one too!”

Glass Arts, Mixed Media Arts, Drawing-Painting-Printmaking

Crushed It! Studio - Glass Art

Crushed It! creates art from broken glass, memorabilia, and other unique items. Crushed and broken glass is used to form inspirational art. Upcycling is a green approach to keeping glass and other items out of our landfills. Crushed It! glass is 100% recycled. The glass is received as post-consumer glass bottles from various domestic sources, for example, colorful wine, beer and perfume bottles.

Glass Arts

Glass-Fused Glass Vessells and Jewelry-Brenda Reagan

Artist Statement-Brenda Reagan
I do glass fusing and forming using glass powders, crushed glass, and specialty sheet glass. I use controlled high temperatures in an electric glass kiln with many layers of glass and sometimes multiple firings and many, many power tools! I use a variety of glass inclusions, colors with layering, and textures. Every day I enter my workshop to create - is like opening presents on Christmas morning! So many things to play with! So much color! Oh, where to start!

Jewelry, Glass Arts

Mystic Lines

I am a Jewelry Artist who predominantly focuses on making minimalistic, delicate, and chic jewelry using the techniques of wire wrapping, chainmail, weaving, resin work, glass fusing & etching. I also love creating functional homeware such as resin and fluid art coasters.

Glass Arts

Rock Fusion Studio

My glass journey started with a birthday gift: a fused glass class. I took the class and was immediately hooked. I love working with color and texture and creating pieces that bring happiness and joy.

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