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Artisan Gallery

Mixed Media Arts, Decorative Arts

Beth Schwartz Studio

I am a mixed media artist with eclectic interests. My studio is part art laboratory, part disaster area. What goes into my experiments? Hand cut collage, altered photographs, acrylic paint, clay, found objects and ink. What comes out the other end? An assortment of boxes, journals, mixed media wall pieces, assemblages, cards and prints. 15% OF MY SALES ARE DONATED TO HEALTH CARE FOR THE HOMELESS.

Decorative Arts, Mixed Media Arts, Woodworking

Hatch Skills

I turn acrylic-handled pens and kitchen objects on my lathe. My work combines an eye for traditionally beautiful patterns, contours, and proportions with a bold sense of color. I channel that into creating useful household items that offer a ray of sunshine to our everyday activities. I also stitch temari that will brighten any corner of a room.

Jewelry, Mixed Media Arts, Fiber and Fabric Arts, Decorative Arts, Drawing-Painting-Printmaking

Infused Moments Artistry- Caroline Scott

All my work is handcrafted to Inspire, Refresh, and Uplift *
I create 4- Dimensional Scented Paintings using a mixed media technique, acrylic paint on canvas. My aroma therapy hot and cold wraps and packs are lined to create a pillow like feel and outer fabric is made with 100% cotton fabric and thread. The hand poured resin coasters, key chains and rings are infused with genuine plants and flower petals. The diffuser jewelry uses an all-natural technique by means of semi-precious stones.

Decorative Arts

Trupti's Craft: Framed Paper Quilling Art

I’m a self-taught paper quilling artist; refining my craft with repeated trials and practice. I find happiness in creating beautiful and colorful designs made from paper strips. Paper quilling involves strips that are rolled, looped, curled, and otherwise manipulated to produce shapes that combine to create designs.

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