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Crushed It! Studio - Glass Art

Glass Arts, Mixed Media Arts, Drawing-Painting-Printmaking


Crushed It! creates art using mixed media. The focus is on recycled glass, but also works with other items like your aunt's faux jewelry that you are no longer wearing / using. Anything sparkly may be used from glitter to shards of glass and other shiny objects. I create items that intrigue me as well use canvas, mirror, glass, wood. I often embellish with acrylic paints and resin. I work with all sizes of medium, small to large. I have a gallery of items in my website, which are tied to my ETSY store. My inventory is currently low, however, if you see anything you like that has already been sold, I can recreate something similar for you with your flare and color preference. I have been working with mixed media for several years now. As an IT professional, I would decompress at the end of the day letting my creative side take flight. It was very therapeutic for me. I turned to selling my artwork to simply make room for newer pieces I was creating. I find it rewarding when any of my pieces sell or when I am asked to create or recreate a new piece for someone.

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