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Artisan Gallery


Acrylic Paintings & Ornaments-Brenda Reagan

Using free expression with acrylic paints on a blank canvas or a ceramic tile or wood ornament- "in a paint swirl, drops, drips, splashes" type of process. This is also known as Acrylic Paint Pouring. I try to mimic things in nature as much as I can, or even the ocean.
I sell these "one-of-a-kind" paintings during my exhibit shows. If you would like to contact me to ask about something special, here is my email.

Photography, Drawing-Painting-Printmaking

Cards by Elly

Greeting cards with photos glued on the front. Coasters with photographs.

Glass Arts, Mixed Media Arts, Drawing-Painting-Printmaking

Crushed It! Studio - Glass Art

Crushed It! creates art from broken glass, memorabilia, and other unique items. Crushed and broken glass is used to form inspirational art. Upcycling is a green approach to keeping glass and other items out of our landfills. Crushed It! glass is 100% recycled. The glass is received as post-consumer glass bottles from various domestic sources, for example, colorful wine, beer and perfume bottles.

Jewelry, Mixed Media Arts, Fiber and Fabric Arts, Decorative Arts, Drawing-Painting-Printmaking

Infused Moments Artistry- Caroline Scott

All my work is handcrafted to Inspire, Refresh, and Uplift *
I create 4- Dimensional Scented Paintings using a mixed media technique, acrylic paint on canvas. My aroma therapy hot and cold wraps and packs are lined to create a pillow like feel and outer fabric is made with 100% cotton fabric and thread. The hand poured resin coasters, key chains and rings are infused with genuine plants and flower petals. The diffuser jewelry uses an all-natural technique by means of semi-precious stones.



I started drawing in college while pursuing my doctorate in theoretical nuclear physics. It’s been a lifelong hobby and now a concentrated passion to record and manipulate my mind’s wanderings.

My work is a collection of very detailed black & white pen & ink drawings all made using a .25mm Rapidograph. Everything I do is inked entirely by hand, utilizing a wide variety of themes ranging from naturalistic scenery to devices and mechanical objects to science fiction and fantasy.



Fine illustrations created by hand. Absolutely no wolf in 'em!

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