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Glass-Fused Glass Vessells and Jewelry-Brenda Reagan

Glass Arts


During the Process Stage- some of things I try to think about and incorporate are mixing glass colors to create a “paint like” substance, using both sheet glass shards and crushed glass to make a Blend of colors of my own. I also like to overlap colors to make a Transitioning color shade, or a Blend Gradation, also adding layers upon layers of glass, thus offering further “Depth” to the design.
Lastly, I like using gold and silver foil, and Mica Powders combined with glass to make certain chemical reaction with oxidation in the glass- Reaction glass.
Most items are fused in an Electric Glass kiln at 1300 degrees-1600 degrees
Materials Used-a variety of Hand tools, Power and Rotary tools, Sheet Glass, Crushed Glass, Powdered Glass, Micas, Gold and silver Leaf, Handmade Glass Paints , Stencils, and Ceramic forming molds for Hi-Temperature glass kilns and digital pyrometers.
During the Design Stage-I always say that hard work in Design is thought provoked, a reflection of great care with attention to detail…but with subtle restraint …and always with a sense of excitement-even through all the disappointments.
I am always willing to break boundaries, and try something new! Something to be proud of.
Every time I make a final piece- I see it, I love it. I feel my life enriched!

Every time someone buys one of my pieces, they see it, love it and I hope their life is enriched!
This expression of Glass is classic, and adapts well to ALL Ages !

I have been involved with Glass for more than 20 years now. I have been lucky enough to study with some Fine Art Masters in Corning New York, Portland Oregon, and Coral Beach Florida with specialty workshops. My life is definitely more enriched!

Thank you for taking a look at my work, I appreciate your time and Consideration.
Always Keep a warm kiln!
Brenda Reagan

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