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Robin's Strings Fiber Arts

Fiber and Fabric Arts


I am fascinated by how things are made. As a child, I was drawn to things made of string, from sailor’s knots to crewel embroidery. In 1995 I started taking weaving and other fiber arts classes at Springwater Fiber Workshop in Alexandria, Virginia. Since then, my interests have expanded to include Japanese braiding and temari, spinning, felting, dyeing, knitting, ply splitting, and papermaking.

I gather inspiration from ethnographic art, Japanese art and the natural world. Through my museum conservation work with ethnographic collections, I developed an appreciation for objects that are both useful and beautiful, made from natural organic materials, and fashioned by hand using simple tools and traditional techniques. Most textile techniques have been used throughout the world for thousands of years. Through my artwork, I strive to continue traditional fiber techniques in a modern context.

As a fiber artist, I explore the many intriguing ways to turn fiber and yarn into wearable and decorative art. Making textiles by hand takes time, patience, and skill. It is a repetitive, meditative art – soothing and mesmerizing. Through my art, I hope to introduce people to the beauty of hand made textiles: their unique personal character, their variety, and their rich traditions.

Robin Milburn
Robin’s Strings Fiber Arts

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