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Kathy Guzman Fine Art

Mixed Media Arts


My mixed media works involve many layers - first, color gesso, collage materials consisting of tissue paper, old maps, dictionary pages, and scraps of different textured and printed papers.

Then comes the drawing and painting of the subject matter whether that is a letter of the alphabet or sun and moon faces.

A layer of clear gloss gel medium is then applied, sometimes in a thick coat and then using different tools to create texture.

After drying, there is more painting done to create the next layer. I use fluid acrylic paint for this, both transparent and opaque. Always bright colors!

I also use copies of photos that I have taken as collage material, sometimes attaching them right to the canvas and sometimes using a photo transfer technique. I will then enhance the colors with the fluid acrylics.

I love the process of creating these pieces and am always excited to see the final outcome, sometimes as I envisioned it and sometimes surprised at the end result.

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