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Hatch Skills

Decorative Arts, Mixed Media Arts, Woodworking


For 1400 years, Japanese mothers made temari for their children to play with from scraps of old kimonos. When the island of Japan began to import rubber, temari evolved into an art form. Today, temari starts with a cup of rice hulls inside a stocking, wrapped in yarn, then wrapped in thread and marked in a geometric pattern. Finally, I stitch a pattern onto the ball using colorful embroidery threads. This process takes anywhere from a few hours for a simple design to several weeks for a complicated pattern.

I also create beautiful and useful items with my lathe. I feel that simple things are most often unremarkable and utilitarian, but they should add a pop of attitude, be a conversation starter, make their owners smile. I started out turning wood, but as soon as I discovered acrylic, I have not looked back: shaving acrylic bars into gorgeous, shiny useful items is my calling!

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