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Fringe Benefits

Fiber and Fabric Arts


After retirement from the practice of law, Anne returned to her childhood love of knitting. Using traditional yarns, eyelash yarns, ribbons, and fabric strips, Anne creates unique looks.

Anne knits styles for day and for evening. Noted for variety of color and texture, her talent lies in her ability to combine many different mediums into glamorous looks. Many include some sparkle and bling.

She likes styles that beautifully drape around you, and she loves to include sumptuous fringe to enhance the designs. She knits with both wool and with synthetics for those that are allergic to wool.

One of her signature designs, the ribbon cascade shown below is made from laddered ribbon, is light as a feather, and has the quality of fiber jewelry. They can be draped in many different configurations. There are many different colors, some with sparkle.

One of her favorite mediums is recycled Sari Silk. Women in Nepal and India spin into yarn factory scrapes from the manufacture of Saris, the traditional dress of those countries. Just as the saris do, the yarn explodes with color.

The export of this product has greatly increased the standard of living of these women. Anne feels good about the opportunity to use this product and bring its beauty to her customers.

Anne will do commissions and adjust the size and color of her styles to please anyone.

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