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Dave Clark



Over the years, I have enjoyed working in many styles – from the carved ornament of late 18th century American pieces, to the clean linear forms of the Arts and Crafts movement. Recently, my artistic focus has been drawn to the East, with the study of Japanese woodblock prints, and Chinese cabinetry of the late Ming dynasty. These subtle understated influences have begun to influence some of my work.

In carving, I rely heavily on representative and stylized motifs from the natural world. I work primarily in domestic hardwoods - cherry, walnut, and maple – but I also enjoy seeking out neglected woods like elm, mulberry, sassafras, sycamore, and Osage orange. Occasional items may incorporate imported woods, as available and appropriate. I prefer simple clear finishes that let the wood speak for itself. As with cooking, ‘always start with good ingredients’.

While some small items lend themselves to short production runs, I much prefer working on one-of-a-kind pieces and variations on a theme, to showcase fine woods, and to meet clients’ requirements. All pieces are built by hand, in a home workshop.

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