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Scholarship Winners

2024 Scholarship Winners

The Event was held at the Ernst Center at NOVA on March 6.

The NVHG awarded its $4k scholarship to Vivian Liu (picture not available). Vivian says that she plans to “to attend college to further develop my artistic practice. I'm just not sure where yet, but I will be majoring in Fine Art. Even so, I am continuing to teach myself new skills and techniques to create art that expresses the ideas that fill my mind during sleepless nights. I hope to continue my exploration of color and human forms in my art to find new ways of capturing moments that stand still, creating something that becomes intertwined with our memories and challenges our perceptions of ourselves. Thank you so much”

The NVHG $2k scholarship went to Mason Kim (pictured below). Mason says “I’m very
honored for this opportunity and would love to be a part of NVHG. Art has been everything to me for as long as i can remember. The things I create are an extension of my body and mind, a way to express myself and communicate what i can think and see. Currently, I am committed to VCU Arts and planning on majoring in communication arts later this year. Although I got accepted to Pratt Institute with a partial scholarship, I went with VCU because I fell in love with the campus atmosphere and I’m not much of a city person. Additionally, I plan on a career in medical illustration and saw VCU as a better decision as they are known for their strong medical program. My dream as an artist is to create works that can deeply resonate and move people, both visually and conceptually. I want to have an impact on people’s lives and inspire others to push the boundaries of creativity.

Karen Bowes, the NVHG Scholarship chair had these words to say: “I cannot tell you how thankful each of the recipients was for NVHG's scholarship award. Seeing their work and the work of many of the other students was so uplifting and very reassuring. Nice to know that the arts are alive and well, aptly carried by the next generation.”

2024 Scholarship Winners


The Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild is a nonprofit, community-based organization dedicated to helping artists and craftspeople exhibit and sell their work, promote the development of art and craft in the community, and support art and craft educational activities.


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