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5 Benefits of Hashtags for Marketing

Published: Aug 11, 2013 Last Updated: Jul 14, 2021 by Anita Campbell In Social Media 97, Small Business Trends

1. Find Better Conversations It goes without saying that conversations are still happening on Facebook, but they can be difficult to locate using simple Facebook search tools. Because you are often networking with people you know on Facebook rather than discovering new people who share your interests, hashtags may be a huge help in connecting with people in your niche or industry, just by finding their conversations.

2. Join a Chat Of course, chats have long been possible on Facebook, but hashtags could make them so much easier to start and follow. Instead of setting up chats on a particular fan or personal page, hashtags would make it easy to organize a chat around a topic, niche, or interest. This would allow others to view that chat later through the same hashtag.

3. Do Some Research

You can do some simple searching to locate pages of interest on Facebook today, but the search may be difficult with some terms yielding literally hundreds of results. Hashtags, if incorporated on Facebook as they are on Twitter, might make it easier to monitor trending topics and to locate specific conversations built around the topics in which you are most interested.

4. Locate Tribes

Distinct hashtags may make it easier to locate specific groups of Facebook users. For example, those having discussions around very specific hashtags like #smallbusiness or even #BizBookAwards. Knowing these hashtags ahead of time would make it easy to connect with these tribes more quickly and join in their discussions.

5. Check Out the Competition

Remember, Facebook has not yet implemented hashtags, and according to the Wall Street Journal, they are “not imminent.” No one knows exactly when they will be implemented. Still, the above advice is good for using hashtags on any social network.

Why some businesses might want to rethink Facebook for their marketing and communications needs. Will hashtags change anyone’s mind if they've given up on Facebook? We doubt it. But for dedicated Facebook users, it could add more functionality to help convey information and build an audience around a specific topic.

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