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Nonpareil, Ltd.

Jewelry, Mixed Media Arts

I have been a writer/artisan since childhood. I grew up in a home where boredom was not allowed :o) … I grew up learning how to “make things.”

Today I work with diverse and ever-expanding media and techniques. For jewelry making, I employ a set of favorite jewelry tools collected over many years, various gauges of wire and sheet metal, hammers, inclusions, and a crème brule torch. My favorite tool – a hand engraver that I take to task over the most beautiful and versatile of metals – copper. For my journals and vessels, I explore the world of paper and binding – transforming ordinary sheets into tactile pages with gel plate printing, eco-dyeing, embossing, collage, papier mache, and decoupage techniques.

My art jewelry pieces and handmade journals are nonpareil, which means one of a kind, having no equal.

I love to see and hear your response when you see and touch what I’ve made. I’ve always been fascinated by the process by which people understand and interpret art.

I hope my art brings you joy.

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