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Cathy's Custom Jewelry



In 2003 I became a stay at home mom. I had purchased some stones to study geography and geology with my daughter. We soon discovered that we really enjoyed learning about the rocks and where they came from. I quickly discovered that I wanted to do more with the stones. I learned how to set stones and then in 2005 my career as a jewelry designer began. I purchased a torch and taught myself how to work the metal and how to solder. This allowed me to design and create my own settings.
The stone gives me the direction and inspiration. My pieces are made using silver and other metals along with natural gemstones. I use purchased or fabricated elements to add detail to my pieces. Using different metal working techniques and tools I mold, shape, and bend metals to add the piece until I feel it is complete and ready to be soldered, set, and polished.
I work from home and sell at local craft shows. I pride myself in being a self-taught artist and I stand behind the quality of my work.

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