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BQuest Beadz



BQuest Beadz was crawling into existence in 2012. I, Paulette Privott pushed through and launched in 2015. After years of exploring color, balance and creativity in my beaded necklaces and bracelets, I was showing signs of arthritic pains in my hands. Some of my old jewelry contained those tiny chain necklaces with miniature closures that I found difficult to put on and take off. As I embraced my new normal, I recognized there were others just like me: women with dexterity challenges. BQuest Beadz started making jewelry that was easy to wear. I have added lariats, 36-60 inches long. I moved away from tiny clasps and closures to larger, easier to manipulate type of clasps, like magnets, ball & socket, toggle and "S" hooks. As I matured, I became more aware of the daily struggle of looking good. I yield to harmonic artistry with jewelry and scarves.

I, Paulette Privott was viewed on the ABC network, for the AARP's "Life Reimagined" series in 2015. I received artisan encouragement from world renown bead artisan, Joyce Scott, whose artistry is in the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, at a beadwork class with her at the Baltimore Jewelry Center .

I am a member of the Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild and the Chairperson of their Standards Committee. I am also a member and teacher of beadwork with the Baltimore Bead Society.

I create beautiful, colorful jewelry that is easy to wear, stylish and distinctive. My opportunity was born out of a personal need and continues to move me. Having dexterity limitations, I push the envelope. Singlehandedly, creating 'one of a kind' jewelry pushes me to be original and unique in my adornment. My studio is located in Baltimore, Maryland. I focus primarily on beadwork, using a seed beads, crystals, beading needle and beading thread. I loves the variety of stitches that can be formed into a work of art. I wake up with an idea in my head; spending the next 2 days or even 3 weeks to bring it into full focus. The stitch combinations and color explorations are endless, I seek the journey. I seek one-of-a-kind, uniqueness in each piece of jewelry I create. Adding Kumihimo braiding to my skills has broadened my scope of jewelry making. This year I’ve added wirework, oh wow!!
My philosophy of beading is this: I create from a place of love and peace. There is joy when I sit in my studio and look my stash of beads. I ask them, ”whose turn is it today, which ones of you are ready to be transformed?” I love the differences in sizes, textures and colors. I like that I can take the same size beads and make something uniquely different on any given day. There are no rules to creation. Just letting the beads speak to me, and yes, they talk!

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